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Meet Lori

Certified Life Coach

I'm a Martha Beck trained coach (lori fill in)

  • In our family-operated business, I've collaborated with my dad, oldest brother, and husband.

  • I hold the position of sales manager at our car dealership. While it may not be a typical role for a woman, I've embraced the opportunity and proven my capabilities.

  • Our lives underwent a profound transformation when my daughter was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 13. Thankfully, she's been doing remarkably well since then.

  • While in the midst of a 7-month life coach training program, my daughter's cancer diagnosis brought unforeseen challenges to my journey as a life coach.

  • Having grown up with two older brothers and a twin brother, I learned to defend myself from a young age.

  • I have fond memories of my upbringing in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where modern amenities like running water and electricity were indeed available.

  • My interests span across photography, travel, participating in walking marathons, and exploring hiking trails.

  • Exploring the world of beer is a passion of mine, and I've had the pleasure of discovering numerous exceptional brews. I'm more than happy to share my recommendations with others.

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